Winter bird

We can hear the birds calling to one another, even on our busy city street.  They hop from garden to garden and remind us of the simple things that make us smile.


We’ve been spiralling inwards for the past few months as we adapt to winter life.  As February begins and the days gradually become lighter, we can start to spiral outwards.


Let’s Party…

I had so much fun creating this particular piece. An explosion of colour, enhanced by the darkness of the grout.

Flower Power

These flowers provide a blast of colour and a summer vibe whatever the season. They are versatile, brightening walls, table tops and winter gardens.

Moroccan Colour

These gorgeous, warm colours remind me of the heat and vibrancy of Morocco.


It’s Spring! Busy birds fly from branch to branch, tweeting to their friends 🙂


As Spring emerges all around us, this piece represents the elusive sun and how energising it can be when it shines…


Experiments with dreamy colours and beautiful broken plates.


Experimenting with warm colours on a cold winter day.